Design Approach

Bevin + Slessor Architects creates composed, contemporary building forms that respond to the chosen site, climatic conditions and ongoing needs of our clients. We approach every project as unique and believe the best outcomes result from a truly collaborative process between client and architect. Our objective is to meet your aspirations with honest, thought provoking, contemporary buildings. We are passionate about design and feel highly privileged to contribute to this very public art form.

Bevin + Slessor Architects has considerable experience in the entire architectural process. We provide a complete service, from identifying essential qualities and character in a new site or existing building, working with you to develop a brief, the preparation of an appropriate design and management of the design, documentation, construction and completion. Bevin + Slessor Architects has developed professional, informed processes to control the integrity and cost of your project.

Bevin + Slessor Architects has experience working throughout New Zealand. We consistently win awards for our architecture. Our work is varied and can be seen in urban, coastal and rural properties across New Zealand.

NICK bw                          Ric Slessor

Nick Bevin                                                            Ric Slessor

Our services include:

        • Feasibility studies
        • Preliminary design
        • Design development
        • Detailed documentation
        • Tendering
        • Contract administration
        • Interior design
        • Post contract administration
        • Incorporation of energy conservation systems
        • Design competitions

Architecture Process

The process develops from thinking through the big ideas to the detail design, documentation, tendering and working through to the on-site contract administration.  The following are all the core services provided.

  1. Feasibility
  2. Brief confirmation, obtaining site information, site assessment, Local Authority meeting & community input
  3. Preliminary design
  4. Review of brief and concept planning, preliminary design planning
  5. Developed Design
  6. Budget review, development of design planning & development of sketch plans to fixed plans, elevations & section studies, preliminary engineering review.
  7. Documentation
  8. Preparation of working drawings, specifications and building consent documentation, co-ordination of structural & HVAC, acoustic, fire & interior with the architectural drawings
  9. Contract Administration
  10. Contract tendering, construction observation and administration. Cost and programme reviews and updates.

Whilst these are separate stages there are, nevertheless, crossovers between each stage as the planning, design development, documentation and finalising of details can continue until the project itself is finished.